Doing our part in support of Sick Kids Foundation

ABI LTD was a Platinum Sponsor of this year's charity golf tournament in support of Sick Kids Foundation, hosted by Villa Dimanno Bakery of Vaughan, ON.  

An annual event, the tournament took place at the beautiful The Country Club golf course and event centre located on Lloyd Road in Woodbridge.  The sprawling 200 Acre property boasts 2 18-hole courses and an extra 9 on the South side.  It was home to 142 golfers, all of whom took full advantage of the spectacular conditions, on what was probably the most beautiful golfing day of the entire season.

In typical Dimanno fashion, the food and drink was exquisite.  Authentic Italian Mortadello Sandwiches,  a selection of masterfully cured meats, Veal Parmesan, moist tender grilled chicken breasts, fresh crispy salads, roasted spicy peppers, sauteed mushrooms and onions and obviously endless fresh breads supplied by Villa Dimanno bakery, lined the tables at the lunch buffet, which was graciously sponsored by our friends at Allegany Foods.

Out on the course cold drinks, fresh "Speducci" right off the grill (sponsored by Siderno Meats and prepared by Momma Dimanno herself) and cups of cool refreshing watermelon were available along the way to make sure everyone kept hydrated and energized.

The dinner that followed at the newly renovated Dimanno Restaurant featured at least 5 courses, but who could even keep count after so much great food and complimentary drinks??  Cured meats and Caprese salad to start, Lasagna to follow, Osobuco so big and juicy you didn't know where it began and where it ended...a feast fit for kings and queens.

Needless to say, everyone fully enjoyed every aspect of the day and an incredible $25,000 was raised in just one day in support of a fantastic cause, Sick Kids Foundation.  

We were excited and honored to be able to take part in this fabulous event and look forward to participating again in the future.  Now, some pictures....