Since 1989, ABI LTD has specialized in the manufacturing and integration of automated baking equipment. We are an industry leader in the development of high-calibre technologies and provide solutions for every stage of the baking process, from ingredients handling through to packaging.

ABI LTD provides stand-alone equipment and production lines for small and medium-sized wholesale bakeries while at the same time designing and integrating full end-to-end lines for many of the world's largest industrial baking centres. The company boasts a network of satisfied customers from all over the globe.

What We've Achieved

What's Next

  • We have satisfied customers on five continents, with successful installations across the US, Canada, China, South Korea, France, the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, Taiwan, Japan, Mexico, Venezuela, and many more countries around the globe.

  • We provide turn-key solutions, not just stand-alone machines. We are a full solutions-provider, integrating machinery from numerous partners to make fully automated lines, start to finish.

  • Our machines have produced more than 50 million tons of baked goods over the past two and a half decades.

  • Robotics is revolutionizing industries around the world. In the baking industry, we are a Preferred Partner and the integrator of choice for the largest robotics manufacturer in the world, ABB.

  • Together, we build products that offer our customers unparalleled precision and efficiency.

  • Some of our recent projects are: