ABI LTD - Welcome to the next 25 years of baking innovation!

Since 1989, ABI LTD has been at the forefront of the automated bakery equipment industry.  We have served bakeries large and small, helping them realize their goals of expansion and optimization through the design, manufacturing and integration of world-class automated baking systems.  Our technologies have been an integral part of the continued success of some of the largest industrial baking centres around the globe.

As we enter the next phase of growth in our own business, we have revamped our website to better reflect our current standing in the industry and to allow us to more directly engage and interact with those who have helped us reach our goals thus far.  We are embarking on a journey into the vast expanse of the digital world and look forward to having you, our trusted clients and partners, standing alongside us as we navigate through it.

Please check back with us regularly for useful industry information, exciting updates on new technologies that we will continue to pioneer, or just simply to stay in touch.  Our blog series' and newsletters will be great resources for offering insight on where both the industry and ABI LTD are headed.

For over 25 years, ABI LTD has had its fingers on the pulse of this rapidly expanding and ever-changing industry.  We are experts in our field and have some of the best minds and talents on the continent in our design departments and on our shop floor.  We look forward to your input and support and to building an online community with other industry leaders just like you.

If you can dream it, we can create it.