Post-iba 2015 wrap-up

iba 2015, like the iba trade fairs before it, proved once again why it is the premier Bakery and Confection industry showcase in the world.  This massive event takes place only once every 3 years and draws Thousands of exhibitors, as well as 10's of Thousands of visitors, from around the world.  This year was no different, with roughly 1400 exhibitions, and upwards of 75,000 visitors passing through its halls during the 6 day, blockbuster event.

As in years past, iba 2015 was a resounding success for ABI LTD.  The overwhelming amount of positive feedback and interest that we received was better than even we had anticipated. What we were left with was about a year's worth of follow up, dozens of blossoming new relationships and a lifetime of great memories. Here's a compilation of some of the sites from the iba 2015 Trade Fair and it's beautiful surroundings.