C# Software Developer

ABI LTD -- a global leader in the manufacture of industrial bakery systems -- seeks a software developer for the continued build out of its newest product: Katana. Katana is a robotic cutting system consisting of a C#-based UI, an ABB RAPID-based robot controller, and communication with traditional PLC protocols and general automated machinery.

This contract includes multiple sub-projects, including the tuning of the software and system for each individual customer installation. The contract also includes the expectation of a fully adaptable software package that works with multiple robotic configurations (parallel, series, variable number of robots, etc.) and can be a one-size-fits-all software solution for ABI's customers.

You will work with a team of software and robotics experts. 

Must be fluent in C# and have experience with .NET frameworks and Windows Presentation Foundation. 

Experience with 2D and 3D mapping, computer vision algorithms, RAPID/robotics, and systems design all a bonus but not required.

Check out www.abiltd.com and www.katanacuts.com for more information on the company and videos of the specific product line.

Please write to robotics_hr@abiltd.com with a resume and formal cover letter, which includes answers to the following questions:

  • How many .NET applications have you worked on? 
  • Have you previously worked on a multi-dev team? 
  • What QA best practices do you employ when testing and cleaning code? 
  • Do you have experience with the MVVM coding style? 
  • Do you practice Test Driven Dev?