Pretzel Bun Processing line

November 2016 - This video showcases a pretzel bun processing installation. This line includes rack unloading, lye application, reciprocation and oven loading equipment.

Pan Stacking and Unstacking System

October 2016 - This pan stacking and unstacking unit is capable of handling thousands of trays per day.  The system includes and automated tool-changer, allowing for easy changeover between pan-types.

PLACEMENT SYSTEMS - using the latest in "soft" gripping tech...

This video showcases a soft dough handling system designed and integrated by ABI LTD and Soft Robotics. Utilizing ABB delta pick and place robots, this system is capable of handling all types of soft dough products. As a result of the revolutionary materials and engineering behind the custom designed Soft Robotics grippers, this system causes no measurable trauma to soft dough products, or other products that might be easily crushed or marked.

Katana - robotic water-jet cutting for bakeries Katana is the new standard for bakeries that want to cut their cakes and pastries with increased, creativity, cleanliness, and speed. By combining waterjet technology with robotics, we've developed a machine that can cut the most complex of shapes out of baked goods of any density, texture, and size.


Direct Fire Tunnel Oven - May 2015 - ABI LTD custom manufactured (almost ready to be shipped!!)


10 Lane Depositor - May 2015


Another ABI LTD original just about ready to head out - May 2015 - Single Column, Medium Duty, Dough Trough Elevator

GUILLOTINE CELL - multiple ultrasonic blades

Giving this beautiful machine a final inspection before shipment - July 2015